“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


Let’s start together!
Another round of Cleanse and Restore program will start in February/March 2022.
It is a gentle 30 to 90-day program with 3 10-days phases of Activation, Reset, and Renewal per month. doTerra natural and whole-food supplements, as well as doTerra essential oils, are used.
There is an even lighter version for children.
For more details, get in touch! I have great experience with the program and many references.
If you don’t try, you will never know.

Krásný podvečer, kdo si chcete poslechnout včerejší zoom o božském oleji Artemisia Pallens a dalších, napište. Artemisia je moje srdcová záležitost, takže prezentaci o tomto oleji jsem s velkou radostí připravila. 🙂 Dále uslyšíte o bergamotové mátě, posvátné bazalce Tulsi i o prvním parfému od DoTerry – Volana.
Poznámka: Tulsi, Bergamotová máta a Artemisia Pallens jsou součástí balíčku Spring Tour – k dostání max. do konce měsíce.


Synchronicity, completion, gratefulness…

Synchronicita, dokončení, vděčnost…

Připravuji prezentaci na pondělní webinář o sadě esenciálních olejů včetně Davany. A najednou se vše propojí. Znáte ten úžasný pocit?

Davana, Artemisia Pallens je z čeledi Astaraceae, což je i dle popisů z homeopatie a různých esencí tak řečeno, ta moje.

Motýl symbolizuje transformaci a tedy ne náhodou je spojován s metamorfní technikou.

Davana je jedním z prvních olejů, které jsem po objevení esenciálních olejů začala využívat a už léta jím vždy posiluji účinky metamorfní techniky. Vše je krásně propojeno.

While preparing a presentation on precious essential oils, everything suddenly gets interconnected.

Davana, Artemisia Pallens, is a plant from Asteraceae family, the one which fits me best based on homeopathic remedies description and those of various essences.

A butterfly is a symbol of transformation, therefore not by chance connected with the metamorphic technique.

Davana is one of the first oils I used years ago, which I intuitively selected, even before studying aromatherapy. Since then, it became my favourite and I always apply it after the metamorphic technique to so to say fix the effects, get grounded, and come back to Earth 😃

Everything is interconnected 🦋

Source: DoTerra

Welwitschia Mirabilis (photo from Interhomeopathy.org)

Link to an article about Welwitschia Mirabilis – transformation and duality: Facebook Page Metamorphic Technique

Video on how to stay positive in difficult times… maybe you get some inspiration 🙂 

Holiday season offer by doTerra:

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Summer program (online classes):

– Use of essential oils for beginners
– Use of essential oils for babies, children & teens
– Use of essential oils for emotional and mental wellbeing
– Use of essential oils for metabolic balance & weight management
– More at request (hormonal balance, for sportsmen, for business, etc.)

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HUNA – Hawaiian way of living, based on freedom, love, support & sharing. Hawaiian shamanism – shaman adventurer

– online classes, individual coaching

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There is more to come, not only artworks… 

World changes, life changes – all therapies and coaching now available outside in nature if the weather allows, all coaching and holistic health and beauty advisory available online.

Key for 95 percent of the population

Zinzino Balance Oils (wild fish oil – if you already take Omega 3 – compare EPA and DHA daily intake as these are key indicators, vitamin D3, olive oil polyphenols), supporting normal brain function, heart function, and immune system!
Do you know what your cell membrane’s permeability or Omega3:6 ratio is? Only a very few laboratories in the world test these vital indicators of our health and the proper functioning of our bodies.
With 6 months health programs by Zinzino, you take a test at the beginning and within 120 days of consumption.
And you will most probably be nicely surprised by the effects in case you suffer from some unnecessary seasonal sneezing, maybe even eczemas, and much more. Everyone is different.
To learn about Zinzino, its approach, and other products, message me at radka.jilkova@gmail.com

Watch now: a youtube video on stem cells

SWISSGETAL now available at request – must-haves luxury Swiss skincare for your eternal, ultimate beauty!

Aculifting now available at request – for all who have a sedentary job, head full of thoughts, etc. 

Quantum repairs – method to dismiss your fears, phobias, allergies, emotional issues, improve your relationships, etc.

Exhibition of my photos and sale of postcards during Fryday Event in Lausanne. You are warmly welcome! Reservation of postcard sets of 10 cards in advance at radka.jilkova@gmail.com before Thursday, December 7.

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Gift advisory – especially and not only during Holiday Season, you are warmly welcome to contact me if you need any guidance regarding the best gifts from the health, wellness, and beauty sector. Delivery at the doorstep in many countries worldwide.

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Received my magic portable device to determine which essential oils your body needs to restore harmony on a physical, emotional, mental, and consequently physical level! 

Seminars on the use of essential oils for physical and emotional issues as well as metamorphic technique courses available in the Czech Republic and in Switzerland.
For the closest dates, contact me at radka.jilkova@gmail.com.
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Just finished AromaTouch certification, happy to welcome my first clients 🙂
It is a soft touch technique combined with the use of top-quality essential oils, which have many benefits on both our body and mind. Pamper yourself, you are worth it!

To purchase essential oils, you can directly go to http://mydoterra.com/radkajilkova
Wellness, health, and beauty professionals or frequent users, send me a message to discuss the best option for You and create an account allowing for purchases at wholesale prices.

Must-haves for my (not only) winter holidays since years! Top-quality, natural… Happy to provide more information! 

The closest dates for Metamorphic technique sessions & courses, anti-aging advisory, and life coaching in Vevey/Montreux/Lausanne/Verbier:
3-6 February 2017

Cooperation with Nu Skin, an Anti-aging company:
– advisory on products and registrations which allow you to buy at wholesale price as a preferred customer (princess.nsproducts.com)
– advisory on the opportunity to cooperate with Nu Skin (worldwide) (princess.nsopportunity.com)

The closest dates for Metamorphic technique sessions & courses in Zurich:
27-28 September 2016
3-4 October 2016

The closest dates for Metamorphic technique sessions & courses in Zug:
20-21 October 2016
1-2 November 2016


Courses of Metamorphic Technique (Introduction, Practice) and Raw Energy Balls creation newly offered at the Gate to Children in Prague.


Head Massage now included in my offer.


Soon moving to Verbier! All in-person sessions are available in Valais, Vaud (Institute of naturopathy in Clarens), and in the Czech Republic.


Metamorphic technique sessions now also available at distance.


You are warmly welcome at Salon des Thérapies Naturelles in Aigle in October!


1st set of postcards printed!!! Send me an email to get the file with pictures!


Mednat Expo Lausanne – Natural Cosmetics Fabrication