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Phyto 5

319327_115271705284355_849256498_nConsulting in Swiss Natural Energetic Cosmetics Phyto 5

– Organization of Well-being events and sales network development

– Face, hair and body treatments & brand presentation during events309401_417753574937060_751749907_n

PHYTO 5® Phyto-Energetic™

– recognized as a „world leader in energetic, natural and holistic skincare
– based on the principles of two energy medicines:
Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
– based on the principle that body is not only vital matter (fluids and solids) but also vital energy (prana, chi, ki)
– formulated with blends of high grade natural essential oils
– includes five sub-lines for each of the 5 aspects (or elements) of vital energy according to TCM (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water)

– products for face, hair and body care
– for both men and women181389_417751944937223_143444897_n

More information at www.phytobiodermie.com, www.phyto.net

To assist at Atelier Bien-Etre or to host an event, please contact me at radka.jilkova@gmail.com


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